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Animal and plant resources: Preserving the natural habitat of an area in fact falls under the emergency work segment of any government for obvious reasons. However, they are also the source of attraction to the tourists, and therefore carry a great niche of employment in the form of guides, experts, or scientists. Charity and Voluntary works: There are many NGOs across the globe and they too contribute to the development of hospitality sectors in more than one ways. People across the globe are always interested in the welfare endeavours of the NGOs, and thus look forward to interact with them or to contribute to their activities.

Construction and property: Newer hotels or modification of the establishments of this sector would always be an ongoing process and that surely creates a niche for many who are experts or are willing to join this segment. Creative arts and design: The scope here in fact is endless, since creative arts and design are always the source of attraction to the visitors, and there can be uncountable ways to entice them and to serve them. Painters, modellers, writers, interior designers and many others have opportunities here to show or unearth their talent.


Education: This era of globalization has created an endless horizon in cultural and educational exchange where most of the universities are brimming with foreign students, researchers or teachers. Therefore education is a top drawer of visitors and thus is a great source of business for the hospitality sector. Engineering, manufacturing and production: There are virtually endless items that may be required in this sector and thus all three segments need competent hands to cater to this sector. Environment: This is a wide area and covers job prospects ranging from environmentalists to contract farming.

Financial management and accountancy: This segment is commonplace and thus needs no introduction. Health care: This segment too is rising with the hospitality sector, since medical tourism happens to be the latest buzzword in this sector, which entices the people from different countries to cover two issues in one like treating ailments and savouring the beauty of a foreign land. Hospitality and events management: This covers the core area of business emerging from the establishments that caters hospitality and manages events from the visitors.

Human resources and employment: The increasing size of the human capital in this industry has necessitated their management too, and thus there is opportunity for human resource managers in the bigger establishments of this sector. Information services: This is one of the extremely important junction of service in this industry and thus it always has openings for the deserving ones. Information technology: This is the backroom that creates the ways and means to cater information and hence it too contains job opportunities.

Insurance and pensions: Travel insurance is now a big business across the world, and pension schemes for the constantly growing industry too are important. Accordingly this sector contains various openings. Law enforcement and protection: while protection segment is another important job segment with opportunities, since most of the establishments require security personnel under various capacities. Legal profession: Law is an essential instrument for both the visitors and the establishments and therefore this industry has several openings in the shape of legal advisors of the companies or for the visitors, etc.

Leisure, sport and tourism: These are essential arms of hospitality sector that contain several openings, ranging from various trainers’ jobs to sightseeing specialists, transport management and many more. Management and statistics: These are the areas that can be considered as the backroom planners of this sector, and hence require several well-trained professionals. Media and broadcasting: Media is the platform from where an industry like hospitality sector takes off and thus most of the big establishments have their spokespersons, moderators, press relations managers, copy writers, etc.

Who take charge of promoting the establishments besides managing all media-related affairs. Mining and land surveying: These areas too have bearings on the hospitality sector, especially when it comes to preserve or modify the landscape or creating landscape architecture to create attractive tourist spots. Performing arts: This segment is integral part of hospitality sector as it provides entertainment to the visitors and is one of the chief attractions for the visitors. Besides that, performing artists also have a role to highlight and promote the unique culture of the region.

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