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Describe your career objectives. Be as specific as you can concerning the types of positions and responsibility levels to which you aspire. Include long-term as well as short-term goals. Describe your expectations concerning the role of the MBA program in achieving your goals. (One to two pages) The interest in making a successful career in finance is a result of my participation in two specific projects as senior student at the National Chung Cheng University. The first project was in the area of corporate governance that required the analysis of huge amount of financial data.

The second project carried out for a local hospital in Chiayi required us to analyze the relationship between cost and revenues under different circumstances. It involved the process of interacting and communicating with hospital staffs, collecting the financial data and running statistical analysis. The enjoyment of doing these two projects made me understand that I had the interest and capabilities to work with financial data and was therefore keen on making a successful career in financial management.


Keeping this interest in mind I joined ABN AMRO immediately after my graduation from National Chung Cheng University. I was assigned to work in the Department of Credit Administration (CA) immediately after joining. This first job helped me learn everything about commercial banking. It taught me how to monitor collaterals and transactions and how document systems are maintained. I also gained experience about how to review international swap deal agreements and syndicated loans.

The jobs also taught me how to verify required documents and preconditions and then activate the credit facility of the clients and provide them feedback about their transaction status on time. I could also easily handle default clients involved in legal issues as I had minored in Financial and Economic Law during my college years. The projects carried out during my senior student years at the National Chung Cheng University and the experience gained at ABN AMRO immediately after my graduation made my commitment very strong to make a successful career in financial management.

The banking and financial sector in my country is growing very fast and a lot of new job opportunities are being created as new multinational banks are entering into the market and mergers of the banks are taking place like the merger of ABN AMRO with The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). These changes have opened up interesting career opportunities for growth. With my interest and initial experience in the field of finance I have set very clear career objectives for growth in this very interesting and growing field.

After completing my MBA program from an International Institute of great reputation like yours my immediate short term career objective would be to take up a position of Credit Portfolio Manager (CPM) in Commercial Banking in a reputed and growing multinational bank. The position involves the process of analyzing the commercial clients’ recent key financial status and credit risk and then proposes the credit limits according to the policies of the bank. The position also involves the monitoring of the nature of the transactions, pricing, and location of the guaranteeing offices.

After gaining experience as the Credit Portfolio Manager for a couple of years I would like to move to the position of senior Credit Portfolio Manager which will expose me to client’s subsidiaries in multiple countries and helping them to successfully expand their operations in international markets. At both the positions it is very much necessary to cooperate with the employees at the back office as there is a very high level of coordination necessary when the credit limits of the clients have to be activated or any other required client transactions have to be carried out.

The positions require very good interpersonal skills as they involve continuous negotiations with different clients whose needs maybe different from one another. The interpersonal skills are also required to gain the active cooperation of the employees at the back office. The other skill that is important for handling both the clients and the employees is excellent communication skills.

I strongly believe that the positions of Credit Portfolio Manager and senior Credit Portfolio Manager CPM would expose me to a large number of companies and industries in different sectors both in my country and the international markets that will also allow me to apply an international investment perspective. With this initial experience my long-term career objectives are first to take up a job as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a company in Taiwan preferably a Information Technology company as the country has a great future for this sector.

With my experience I would help the company to internally analyze finance leverage, develop projects, and externally sustain competition and take advantage of the great many opportunities in this era of globalization and help it to grow into an international firm with a presence in United States and countries in Europe and Asia. My ultimate aim is to lead a Multinational firm of Taiwan as its Chief Executive Officer and make it one of the fortune 500 companies.

To achieve my short term and long term objectives I am very much aware that along with the practical banking experience and the financial management skills developed at UB I would also need core management skills both in finance and general management like strategic management, financial management, human resources management, operations management and international business strategies. I am very much convinced that rigorous MBA program will equip me with the required expertise and credibility to achieve my career objectives.

I have great expectations from the UB MBA program to directly address my career goals as it has outstanding curriculum and faculty, a very well refined and effective research programs in financial markets and behavioral finance. The program also has a good alumni network that can provide excellent career opportunities. I also expect UB MBA program to equip me with the skills and help me build my personality to face all obstacles, difficulties and challenges successfully and achieve all the career objectives of my life.

2. Describe a situation in which you worked in a team environment. Describe the team dynamics (interactions) and the challenges and successes you experienced as part of the team. (One to two pages) There have been a number of situations in which I have worked in a team environment and faced a number of challenges to succeed as part of a team. The situation that I would like to describe here is the one I experienced in 2007 when ABN AMRO the bank I worked for merged with Taitung Business Bank (TBB) a local bank in Taiwan.

The Department of Credit Administration where I worked formed a team to coordinate the merger activity requirements with branches of Taitung Business Bank, Credit Portfolio Managers, and Credit Risk Officers (CRO) etc. The team was entrusted with the challenging activity of Inventory checking of important documents of the existing commercial clients of TBB. Great care had to be taken to ensure that all the documents were checked and then packed up carefully to prevent any missing documents or other materials.

Most of the TBB branches were located in very remote areas where the environment was very challenging. There was tremendous pressure for our team to meet the deadline so the work required the members of the team to stay back late in the evenings. Most clients of TBB were reluctant to cooperate with the ABN AMRO bank as they had not associated with a MNC bank before. The existing employees of TBB who were a part of our team were also reluctant to cooperate in the beginning as they did not trust us. They were afraid that they would lose their jobs because of the merger that had taken place with ABN AMRO.

They had also worked under a different work culture and many of the employees in the remote and rural branches were not very professional in their work. This posed the team a very great challenge to successfully complete the crucial activity of inventory checking of important documents of commercial clients of TBB in the given deadline. I was initially disturbed by this challenge but I decided to contribute to my team in overcoming this challenge in my own small way. I first began helping other members of the team from TBB after finishing my own work.

As a team we tried our best to solve problems that arose by discussing and understanding each other’s view. Effective communication, especially face to face communication with people from diverse backgrounds that earlier worked for TBB helped us to reduce their fears about losing their jobs in the newly created environment. We also educated them about the good culture in ABN AMRO and helped them get adjusted to the new culture. The manager of our team inspired and motivated all of us to overcome the hard time we faced during our team assignment.

We were very surprised when the team accomplished the given task within one month and successfully met the deadline given to our team by our superiors. I was surprised and at the same time very happy because we all cooperated with each other to go through the difficulties. A special bond was created between the members of the team even though we had met very recently. This experience really taught me how to adjust my position and work with others effectively under a challenging and difficult environment. I learnt that it is better to maintain flexibility in your approach to work if you would like to be successful in any organization.

Without doubt I am now very well-prepared and look forward eagerly to my next team interaction. 3. Leadership can take many forms. Please give one specific example of how you have demonstrated effective leadership in your professional life. (maximum 250 words) The example given here is the instance of my leadership at the very beginning of my professional life when I was temporarily appointed by the Catholic Christian University Association to enlist members in 2002. It was a difficult and challenging task as even after the end of one semester only three students had enlisted as members.

That is when I decided to take it as a serious challenge and test my leadership skills. I approached a church in the neighborhood of our university and got its permission to use it as a meeting place for our activities. I requested two professors who were practicing Catholics to join my mission then I got a young priest to join our team. I motivated my small group and together we strived very hard to convince the students to join us. The membership of our association increased six times after one year and the association now including students from other four local colleges.

I formulated schedules and coordinated activities to build group commitment. All the complaints or expectations of the members of the group were communicated by me to the partners to address them correctly. I maintained good relationship with other affiliates and held summer camps together. I learnt that to create an affiliate meant not only taking care of members needs, but also sharing our lives, believes and commitments. Though I had hard times in the beginning I fulfilled the expectations of the Association that had given me my first professional assignment.

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