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When a child reaches three to twelve years old, he begins to appreciate plants and animals existence. To develop child interest in the study of plants and animals the teacher could do such as inspiring his children to carry out research in these areas by telling stories, and presenting beautiful books, posters, charts, and timelines, they are particular more on visual. Therefore, exposing the child to many adventurous activities in the environment could do so much to develop the child interest in the study of plants and animals classification.

At this stage, children have many questions about the existence of plants and animals. By telling stories and showing different pictures it could enhance the children interest to study plants and animals classification. Experiments and observations help the child to discover first hand just how plants and animals live, to find out how their needs are met, and to discover the amazing variety of life forms.

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Children become aware of the environment in a new way, discovering, for example, the tiny plants in the cracks of pavements—growing wherever they can find a little light, moisture and nourishment. This close hand experience makes children appreciative and protective of all of life. Instead of memorizing the concept of biology study, letting the students to do experimentation in studying plants and animals classification a child would really understand the importance of plants and animals.

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