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Before I undertake the customary duty of telling you all about the bride and groom let me take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people who made this day possible. First the lovely bridesmaids whose beauty is only surpasses by our elegant bride Cynthia. I’d also like to thank the ushers Julio and Cesar for doing an amazing job taking up the difficult task of pointing at chairs.

It is said that a good best man speech is like a mini skirt, short enough to be interesting but long enough to cover the essentials… so here goes nothing. I’ve known Jesse since we were in elementary school so I think it goes without saying that it was an honor and a privilege knowing I was going to be a part of his and Cynthia’s special day. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for Jesse and likewise there is nothing he wouldn’t do for me, in fact we spent most of our lives doing allot of nothing with each other.


But what can I say about Jesse? I can say that he is the nicest most talented guy I know and I would trust him with my life. I’ve never seen someone with so much strive and even when he gets knocked down by life he gets write back up again stronger than ever. I believe this quality is exactly what makes Jesse and Cynthia perfect for each other. What more can you ask for in a life partner than someone who can lift you up in your weakest moments and make you feel stronger than ever.

I haven’t known Cynthia for very long but I’ve never met someone with such a love for life. I’ve never seen a bride and groom who are so perfect for each. Jesse and Cynthia had met in college but not in the most traditional way couples meet. Cynthia was Jesse’s math tutor that he had a crush on for a while, but although she tutored him the entire semester he ended up failing the class because he was so caught up in the romance. One thing led to another and they were dating.

Some people say when someone is meant for each other you can just see the magnetism and I knew the first time I saw these two together they had just that. They say in the Hebrew writings that in the beginning of life we are all separated from the one we are meant to marry like pieces of a puzzle. Most people spend their whole lives trying to find the other piece to the puzzle but these two solved their puzzle in record time. And now let us raise our glasses in honor of the happy couple and wish them a long and happy life.

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