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“Okay! See you! Bye! ” I chirped as I hung up the phone. I was talking to my best friend Abigail about our Science project. We were going to meet up at Clement Food court to have lunch then off to the library to do research. As the food court was only a stone’s throw away, I decided to leave 5 minutes before the meeting time. Little did I know what danger awaited me……? I stride to the market leisurely, and at the corner of my eye, I noticed a shadow stalking me. My heart started pounding like there was no tomorrow.

I started sprinting without realizing saw the back of a familiar person and ran as fast as my wimpy legs could carry me. Running is not my forte. “Abigail! Run for your life…. Ah! ” I fell face flat and my face was covered with splotches of dirt. “Mmmm…. HAHAHAHha….! ”She took one look at my face and exploded with laughter. “Not helping! “I muttered, swearing under my breath. She handed me a napkin from McDonalds’ and we head off, armed linked. It made me feel unstoppable. It made me temporarily escape the fear of the stalker.

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Lost in my train of thoughts, Abigail yelled into my ear “JOLENE! ARE YOU IN THERE? “I snapped out of my thoughts return to the fearful, reality. “There’s someone stalking us! ” I whispered. “HAHAHAHha….! Don’t be silly! ” I made a face when I realized that she was right the man was gone. Walking into the food court, we spotted an empty table. I charged towards the table as I was famished. I sat down, and Abigail went to get our food. The same man walked in to the food court, and was eyeing the place suspiciously and I immediately know I smell a fish (it’s not because they sell fish here).

I started pulling at my clothes and try to look for Abigail. My insides felt like someone was tugging at them, like a tug of war competition. “HI. ” I spun my head around and found a very well dressed boy standing in front of me. It was my neighbor, Little. He gives me an awkward smile, and I knew exactly what to do. “Did you come alone? “? I knew that he had many friends so he might with a friend. “No, alone. ” I smile and invite him to sit with us. I was sure Abigail will not mind. We had small talk until Abigail came. As I expected, she did not mind. “#@&%*%@#&! “.

A string of expletives permeated the air. The angry stalker shot another man a stare full of hatred. I froze to my seat unable to move. “That’s him! ” I point to the stalker as I deeply inhale the chicken rice smell that lingered in the air around me. The other man looks familiar. He wore black shirt, jeans and had a tag. Just then, a thought smacked me right in the face. The other man was Inspector Tony. He took out a gun, and aimed it at the stalker. He grabbed an innocent woman and pointed a knife at her. “Shoot me and I will kill this hostage in front of everyone! . Many people started clearing out of the food court, away from danger. Abigail and I go with the flow and follow behind the crowd. “Look out! ” With a shove on my back, I fell on my knees. “Arghhh! ”?The sound of a burly man whimpered. I spun around only to find Little lying on the floor with a head that is bleeding profusely. I located the weapon that caused his injury, a glass bottle. The stalker wanted to throw the bottle at me, but to protect me, Little pushed me, only to get him injured. Abigail took out a handkerchief and wrapped it around his head.

The heated argument between the two men has not ended. I took one look at the two men, the stalker was still holding on to the trembling woman as hostage, while the inspector’s hand is bleeding. I look at the smithereens around me. They were all covered in blood. Reality never fails to shock me. My train of thoughts starts to flood into my mind again, with questions likes “What should I do? What now? ” I turn around giving one last look at Little who is on a stretcher on his way to the hospital. He groans and calls my name then press on his head to relieve the excruciating pain. Coming! ” I yelled. I hope all my physical education classes’ helps. I pick up a piece of blood covered smithereens and throw it at the stalker, to get justice served. It hit him in the leg and he collapse to the ground. The hostage ran out of the food court like a prisoner set free. She was reunited with her family and friends who were waiting anxiously outside for her, and it was time I reunited with mine. I hop on to the ambulance with Abigail and Little who were there waiting for me. Alas, Little is going to be alright.

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