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Almost one out of every three traffic deaths includes a driver that is under the influence of alcohol. Imagine when you’re driving, minding your own business, a vehicle comes out of nowhere and runs you off the road. That driver, that just ran you off the road, isn’t going to help you. This means you are stuck with a wrecked car, higher insurance, the expense of a tow truck. That driver who just ran you off the road was mostly likely drunk. If you were lucky enough to survive, you will be paying a ton of money for someone else’s mistake.

There are many different ways to prevent drunk driving, but we have to take action when we see people about to make the bad decision. Drunk drivers have been around for way too long in America, but the problem can be found in any country, state, or city. There are steps people could take to help prevent drunk driving accidents from happening. 10,228 people died from drunk driving accidents. With that being said, drunk driving accidents have decreased 52% since 1982, but when will it stop? Even though we are making progress, it needs to stop.


You can help those numbers decrease by simply taking a person’s keys when you spot them about to drive a vehicle. When you take the person’s keys you’re not only possibly saving their life, but you might be saving other innocent lives. When one of my friends died in drunk driving accident, I was devastated. I live in a small community of about 400 people and the whole town was at his funeral. The man who ran into his truck was intoxicated. If someone would’ve just taken that man’s keys, Brandon might still be alive.

When you kill an innocent, you don’t just effect the person, you effect that person’s family and community. Every weekend one out of ten drivers on the roads will be drunk. Another way to try to stop drunk driving is to have more police officers outside of bars and on the highways on Friday and Saturday nights. 75% of drunk driving accidents are on Friday and Saturday nights. We need to do more checkpoints and put more police on roads on those two nights. Those two simple task can save many lives, but the government can’t save everybody.

People who host the parties or run the bars need to take the keys of anybody who is intoxicated and trying to drive home. Some of you might say that we can’t afford to pay overtime for police officers, but we could have less working on Thursday or Friday morning so that they can work Friday and Saturday night. Then some who host parties won’t take keys, because of peer pressure, but if you don’t take the person’s keys, they could kill themselves or others. I believe if we follows these steps, we could reduce the rate of drunk driving fatalities.

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