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The wall mural along Katipunan Avenue is a very long piece of artwork. The mural gives a festive and lively Philippine-like feeling as you come across it. A reason for this is its use of very representational and bright colors. The mural is a very polychromatic one that uses the lighter values of color used thus one could attribute these characteristics that give its lively or uplifting feeling. A lot of contrasting colors were used side by side in the murals and amazingly most of the colors were presented with value patterns.

One could also point out the sense of motion and grace among the figures illustrated in the mural. There were waves drawn diagonally and different levels suggesting motion as if you are walking along them. There were also a lot of curve lines used especially to show elegance to something like a woman and her hair. The mural is very well positioned outside since it looks more warm and lively, given enough amount of sunlight, and putting in an avenue or near the walkway is a very good position for a viewer who would want to see the artwork as a whole.

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Overall I would consider the mural as a pop art because of its bright and decorative colors, I also think that even though the parts or segments of the wall mural isn’t that united with the others, looking at it as a whole would give a very uniting uplifting theme. The Dance by Liza Flores “The Dance” is made by using acrylic on a paper it hanged along the walls of the Chocolate Kiss Cafe at the UP Bahay ng Alumni. The panting uses very light valued colors at the same time it also uses bright colors.

Calmness and uplifting effect was presented by the painting through the use of warm colors only. There are value patterns used in the coloring too, it is used by providing gradients and leaving tiny white spaces on the colored object or surface. Curved lines were used in drawing a girl which shows the gracefulness or gentleness of the subject or character in the painting. Motion or the dance of the girl was very well depicted using repetition; it was done in such a way that the girl was painted at the different time frames during her dance.

One can also show the direction of the motion because of how each of the characters is placed. Even though without much details the painting was able to show that the girl was on a beach using similar colors we can see if we were on a beach and by putting an object related to it, the starfish. The painting provided more emphasis on the dance and the character by doing this. Overall the style of painting for me is somewhat leaning to both expressionism and pop art.

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