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Graduation… The most awaited event of a student –academically excelling, happy-go-lucky and even I don’t care kind of students. One of my teacher said that it’s really fun and fulfilling to graduate. According to her, it is the happiest day you’ll ever experience. After all the hardships and perseverance, here comes your diploma, teary eyes from your parents, and a lot of congratulations from your friends, relatives and family. An average person can experience those feelings three times –elementary, high school and college.

Now, there’s a lot of reason why should I need to graduate: First, to experience again those extraordinary feelings that I’ve mentioned. I want to be fulfilled again; I want to experience the feeling that my parents are so happy to see me while I’m accepting my diploma. I want to feel and show the world that I achieved the thing that I longed for. Second, I need to graduate because this is the start of my out of school life, my career life.

Graduation: High School and Awaited Event TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

This is start that I will be independent from my parents. Third, I need to graduate so that I can now help my family in our basic commodities as. Fourth, it is necessary for me to graduate so that I can save for my future –my own family. Fifth, I need to graduate so that I can pursue a higher schooling. I don’t want to be a mediocre person that settle on what is present I want to seek for a new knowledge that will enhance me academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially.

Sixth, after I’ve graduated I can also inspire others to pursue their studies and achieve what is destined for them. Lastly, I need to graduate because it’s my dream, this is want I want to be. A lot of people want to graduate and only a few were given a chance to do so. Why should I waste this opportunity? I need to graduate for the fulfillment of my dreams and for my family.

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