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The six elements of health and wellness plus many more aspects surround us daily. Although some are more prevalent than others they are all present in every aspect of everyone’s lives. If I was to increase awareness of any parts of the wellness wheel i would start with environmental, we only have one planet and when it’s gone it’s gone. I would implement mass recycling and complete green energy conversions to all countries; this alone would reduce greenhouse gasses, pollution and make the environment better for the planet and the humans who live on it.

Secondly i would focus on spiritual awareness; meditation has helped me in ways I couldn’t even imagine. It has helped me be a happier, peaceful and more confident person, the Dali lama said that “if every 8 year old was taught to meditate we would end world violence in 1 generation” a happy society is a health society since the two definitely coincide with each other. Third I would start spreading the benefits of healthy physically active life styles. Some people in the world think if you just work out you get fit, well that is not the case alone.

Health and Wellness Worksheet TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

You need to know how to exercise and how to eat, I would start a global initiative to spread the word about healthy food and ban all poisons being put into our food. I would build government funded gyms where memberships were free. I would only allow persons on welfare to purchase healthy natural foods since they aren’t paying for it. In my opinion we should be spending tax dollars on that instead of housing criminals for utilizing marijuana, and funding our tobacco and oil industries. Not all my ideas may save the world but could definitely make it a happier more health existence for all.

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