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As I looked through my shelf for a journal to read, I saw an especially old and dirty book. I took it out and on the cover page, it read, “Sweet Memories”. I flipped through the pages and noticed that the edges of the pages were yellowed and with mildew on it. However, as I turned to the back page, I saw a picture of me having a soccer match in school during sports day. Then, I started to recollect the incidents on that fateful day. That day was the most significant day of my life.

It was the annual sports day! I woke up especially early and did the daily routine before having my breakfast. That day’s breakfast was sumptuous. I had a wholesome of: milk, cheese, bread and oatmeal. Armed with my sports equipments, I opened the door and headed off to school. Upon reaching the school, I immediately headed to the hall for assemble. “WOW! There are ‘hundreds’of ‘hundreds’ of pupils in the hall, all seated according to the sports we participate and also to the house colours we were in.


As I was participating in the soccer competition and I was in the red house, I squeezed through the crowd of people and found a seat according to the criteria that I had mentioned (in line 10). Fortunately, I was seating beside my best friend, Carrot, and then we started to begin our usual morning chat. A few minutes later, our principal strolled into the hall with big strides and went up onto the stage. Upon seeing her, we all began to quieten down and looked at her silently. She looked around the hall with her “eagle eyes”, seeing if everyone is looking at her.

Then, she took the microphone and smiled cheerfully, “Good Morning School! ” However, we answered her like zombies, “Good…morning………Miss……” and half way greeting her, everyone began to “sleep”. Assuming that we were sleepy, she remained her cheerful composure and asked in a very quick and lively way, “Who’s ready for Sports Day? ” We, as if on cue, shouted, “YES!!! ” With that, the principal gave the opening speech and soon, commenced the starting of Sport’s Day. I followed my house master, Mr Koh, with the other soccer players to the football field.

On the field there was a man, wearing a striped shirt and a whistle around his neck. Mr Koh then approached the judges and requested for a copy of the competition arrangement of teams. About 10 minutes later, the game began we were up against the blue team and the game lasted for 90 minutes each. After goals and goals, the time was up and we won, with a score of 3-0. The green’s were playing with the yellow at the field on our right and green won with a score of 5-0 and they were competing against us the next round with was another 30 minutes later as we were given a break.

After what seemed like eons, the break time was up. We descended onto the field with pride on our faces. Albeit we knew that we were going to lose, however, we did not give up. After kicks and passes, the green team scored 1-0 before the half time. We were fuming mad, but we all told ourselves that no matter what, we must win. But at the 60th minute, we did not score any goal. We played on ferociously. At the 80th minute, we still did not score. We played competitively and used all our might to try to score a goal.

However, at the 89th minute and 50th second, do you think we won? NO. We were losing, but we still were in high hopes and in these few seconds, anything could happen. At the 89th minute 56th second, do you think we won? YESSSSS!!! We have won our goal and the green team was like “GOSH! ” Just then, the referee blew the whistle, it was a tie! We were so happy that we all rolled on the dirty grass field and jumped into puddles of mud on the field. Some of us even did cartwheels! We all shook hands with the green and we anxiously waited for the results.

Our coach and Mr Koh were so happy with us that he bought us ice-cream to eat as a reward for winning. Ten minutes later, the results given to our house masters and Mr Koh announced that our house was the second. Although we were in second place, we were still contented with ourselves as we did our best. After the results were given, we head back to the hall for a debrief before going to the nearby ice-cream shop to have a cup of ice-cream each. Holding a cup of ice-cream each, I boarded the school bus which was waiting for us and I went home.

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