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Vietnam is a developing country. We have to face with many difficulties, and traffic is one of the most vital problems that should be solved immediately. Since accident transport and traffic congestion are becoming serious day by day is the real situation in our country, the Government has introduced a new law that is charging vehicles going into city. However, I believe that charging vehicles cannot solve traffic problems, but changing people awareness and improving road infrastructure can.

First of all, traffic problems mere come from people awareness. Most of people travel on the road must have driving license. They seem to have all knowledge about traffic rules. Nevertheless, people, in reality, do not care about rules at all. For instance, at rush hours, many people are willing to break the rules just because they want to go home early. Some can pass over the crossroads without paying attention to the traffic lights. Some can ride their motorbikes on the pavements as they do not want to be stuck in traffic jam.

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These wrong attitudes are very dangerous not only for themselves but also the travelers and pedestrians. If the government can have a policy that encourages people to obey traffic rules when they are travelling, traffic problems can be reduced. Second, downgrade infrastructure in Vietnam is a headache of traffic problems. As far as you know, road systems in our country are in bad conditions. A lot of roads are too narrow that do not have enough space for a huge amount of vehicles these days.

Not only are streets in city strait but also full of dust, roadworks, blockhouses, etc that leads to hard traffic jam and pollution. The roads which are used for a long time are becoming slippery and dirty. Moreover, some long streets do not have traffic lights. Besides that rough roads with a lot of pot holes are the causes of serious accidents nowadays. Improving road infrastructure is a long process that costs a lot, but it will be an effective way to solve traffic problems.

Some people may argue that charging vehicles is a good way to solve traffic problems. It may be right in one side, but it also has a negative result. Because the government charges the cars going into city, people cannot resign their jobs in city. Then, they will change to use motorbikes. Instead of driving, they will ride to work. As a result, the number of motorbike is about to increase dramatically. Most traffic accidents are caused by motorbikes. And traffic becomes worse.

In contrast, when people join hands with their right awareness, and the roads are built and expanded more, traffic problems like traffic congestion, pollution,…will be changed positively. To sum up, solving the problem of severe traffic is a big question to every country. Many people think traffic in Vietnam is chaotic, so building larger and higher quality roads as well as encouraging people to have good awareness can make the traffic lighter than it is. If we do some effort to reduce traffic, then pollution will be erased and comfortable living will be created. Before it gets worse, let’s make it better!

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