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Whether a large multi-national firm or a micro to small business in the Philippines, companies benefit from Triple i’s accounting services. Our accounting team understand the laws and regulations needed to assist you with all your companies bookkeeping. With top class attorneys, CPAs, and accounting staff, all operating on the 9001:2008 Quality Management System. We help with simple and basic company finances or advanced tax planning so you can focus on the more important matters in your business.

Our Bureau of Internal Revenue BIR and tax consultants will help your company understand all of the tax laws in the Philippines, taking the time to explain the pros and cons of different tax structures; and implement accounting systems and practices into your business Outsourcing your accounting or bookkeeping is easy and saves your company time, energy, and money. Whatever your organizations needs and requirements, Triple i Consulting will custom design accounting services that meets your businesses strategy in the Philippines.


Contact Us to find out more information on our accounting services or to schedule an appointment with a tax consultant Services Include: Payroll Services Outsourcing your payroll services can save you time, money, and energy each month. Our strict compliance policies will ensure that your company never over pays or under pays any of your employees for their services rendered. Bookkeeping Services Every business in the Philippines is required to report monthly, quarterly, and annually to the Bureau of Internal Revenue BIR.

Proper bookkeeping and monitoring of company purchases and expense will allow management to focus on more important aspects of growing a business. Auditing and Financial Statements An audited financial statement AFS is mandatory each year to be submitted to both the BIR and to the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC. Auditing your business is also an excellent way to determine its value and investigate if they are any irregularities existing in current accounting systems. Tax Consulting Services

One on one tax consulting is the best way to investigate current accounting practices and recommend changes. Tax consultants will review applicable tax implications on your business; and update you on the most recent BIR rulings. If litigation and liaison services are needed our tax consultants can successfully represent clients and help to resolve current taxation issues. Home / Accounting & Finance / Payroll Services Payroll is one of the major core accounting functions of any company or organization.

It is of course necessary to pay your employees for the work they have contributed to the business. It is also a legal requirement in the Philippines and should be executed properly. There are basic provisions guaranteed by Department of Labor and Employment that must be included in the payroll computation for your employees. There as well payroll structuring allowed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue BIR that can give the maximum amount of tax shielding to your employees to ensure they receive the highest amount of net income for their monthly salary.

Triple i Consulting can handle any business’s payroll requirements; from large BPO operations with hundreds of staff, to small and medium enterprises consisting of just a few employees. Our accounting practices are in-line with the ISO 9001:2008 standard to ensure that companies never over or under pay their necessary employee benefits. Triple i Consulting has its own proprietary payroll accounting software developed with the Philippines requirements in mind to suit any businesses requirements.

With both a client based and on-line version available, comapnies can have an intranet or internet based system that allows upper management to completely monitor and control the payroll needs. With additional feautres that allow rank and file staff as well as mid-level managers to have limited access which greatly reduces time spent by HR personel on payroll activities. Secure and simple to assist any size organization.

Our Tax Lawyers and Payroll Specialists will sit down with Clients and construct a payroll plan that meets all of their needs; then our accounting and payroll department will process the payroll usually bi-monthly and send the approved payroll to management for verification. Payslips can either be emailed directly to staff, accessed online, or if required printed out and delivered directly to employers premises. Contact Us to schedule and appointment with our payroll experts and tax attorneys or to get more information on outsourcing your company’s payroll requirements.

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