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Having a good education is the key to become successful in life. Education is a very important aspect in our lives and one must go through many steps and hurdles to attain higher education. There are two levels of education I find very different; high school, and college. Even though they aim for the same goal but the demands, expectations and social atmosphere are extremely contrast. Moving from high school to college may be an exciting transition, but it is also a very difficult one.

It is a challenge that I have to face and I believe I will eventually adapt over time. After graduating high school and now being a college student, I noticed how different these two worlds are. I did not know what to expect for college, even though I try very hard to be ready for whatever that is approaching. Being a college student requires a lot of responsibility, lots more than is required in high school. In college, I guess I won’t have my teacher to remind me of a test coming up or to do my assignments.

What Are My Expectations For College? TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

They will provide a syllabus with all the due dates on it and expect me to have assignments done or simply fail that particular class. Also, my mom will not be with me to make sure I am awake and ready for class in time either. All of this is up to me. I expect for myself to learn and be independent after I’ve adapted to college life, and also to be able to do things on my own in the absence of my parents. My second expectation would be that college will help me open doors to new opportunities and to ensure a security of a better future for myself.

It will provide me with the knowledge related to my field of interest and I will be able to learn new, advanced stuff. Lecturers will shed some new light on things I have never understood in such detail before, which I find very exciting. During my years in high school, I have had trouble asking questions in class when I do not understand something but when I am in college, I feel as though the lecturers are a bit more outgoing. They treat all of us equally and as adults rather than high school kids. Thirdly, my next expectation would be to meet new people and to make new riends. I expect college to be a little bit more diverse and I would love to expand my social circle while discovering different personalities. Although being in college screams freedom, I must also know my limitations, priorities and make sure I befriend with those who are a good influence on me and not getting involved in the wrong crowd. I thought I was lucky because I knew people from my old high school, though I have realized it does not matter who you know before attending college, because you will meet other people as well that will become your friends.

Furthermore, I expect myself to stay motivated on studying throughout the semester. In no doubt, there will be a lot of demands such as assignments, quizzes and of course, final exams. My mind sometimes will wander off which costs me to lose focus on whatever I am doing, therefore I hope I can stay focus so that I will not have to pull so many all-nighters later. At this point in my life, it is crucial that I must concentrate and stay focused. My college experience will most likely dictate how I will spend the rest of my life.

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