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In this particular ad, a fairly nice looking gentleman is lying on a blanket, unclothed seemingly to have enjoyed the pleasure of a complete picnic. While eating biscotti and drinking fine Italian wine, the rays of the sun glisten on his sun kissed skin, wow this was certainly enough to capture my attention! The grass is a dark forest green and is perfectly manicured as if just been cut. Red and white printed, the blanket is laid across the grass with this striking gentleman laying on it. He is positioned diagonally across the blanket.

His arms are folded back under his head and his muscles are flexing quite nicely. His physique is astonishing and just enough of the blanket is covering his “you know what” as he is stretched across it. There is also a picnic woven basket sitting on this blanket and in it is a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, and some napkins. Next to the basket are a vine of fresh green grapes and a tray of biscotti. At the top right of the ad the words “silverware optional” are displayed. And what is lying next to the man? A bottle of zesty Italian salad dressing.


As I take a moment and gaze at this photo, I suddenly begin to think the idea of a zesty Italian might not be so bad. By putting this naked man as the main focus of this ad and not the actual product; KRAFT is trying to sell you an idea that the zesty Italian salad dressing is as zesty as this naked man. KRAFT does this by making sure the man is good looking, possibly Italian, and has a nice body. To ensure that one will stop and look at this ad the colors are contrasting. Green and red are opposites of each other on the color wheel, therefore putting them next to each other causes immediate attention.

The bright green grapes on the blanket have the same effect. Also, the vivid red tomatoes on the biscotti and the red handle on the knife are attention grabbers against that brown trey. The salad dressing bottle is half way on the blanket and half way on the grass, there is a reason for that too. Red and orange are so close in color that is the whole bottle were to be on the blanket, it would almost blend in and you would look right over it. However, orange also contrasts against green do bottle would catch one’s attention more. There are a lot of ways one can interpret this ad and all of them in some orm could be right. I came up with three of them myself. One was that he just had a picnic date and is lying there basking in the glory of wining and dining his special lady. Maybe they had just had sex or maybe he is waiting for his special lady to arrive and surprise her with this picnic and perhaps him for dessert. The other is two girl friends are having a picnic date just to get away and have fun and this man is the main course. Either way it is interpreted, we know for sure that this is some type of date because of the two wine glasses.

In this ad, KRAFT created unique ideas to get the audience not only to view, but observe and notice this salad dressing ad. The targeted audience of this ad is women, mainly married women or women who cook in general. The ad is in “Glamour” magazine and not to mention the naked man stretched out on the ground. Women will look at this ad and think “let’s have salad tonight”. She is only getting the Italian salad dressing because of the beautiful face on the ad. Mind you, naked men have nothing to do with salad dressing. Women will look at this ad think they too can have a man like this, if they buy the salad dressing.

Another unique idea about this ad is that Italian salad dressing is not a part of any of the food at the picnic. There are grapes, wine, bread, biscotti, and salad dressing. Grapes and wine are a good combination, bread is the basis of which biscotti is made, so where does that leave the Italian salad dressing? Out in the cold. What KRAFT did was made the ad nice and pretty and full of color. The colors all coordinate somehow so one wouldn’t think about what is in the picture that actually makes sense. The ad appeals to what women like so their thought is not on what makes sense, but rather what appeals to them.

Women like to be wined and dined and treated like ladies. The effectiveness of this ad is quite superb. Women would really take notice in it if they were flipping through this magazine. Women like nice looking men and this ad definitely has that. However, what does that say about women today? Are they shallow? Are they spoiled? Do they only take notice when men are naked only covering where the sun doesn’t shine? Well, coming from a woman’s perspective, I think sometimes women can be a little shallow and spoiled. We like what is appealing to the eyes, as well do men.

Now, if there were just bowl of salad with the dressing standing next to it, one probably wouldn’t even look twice at it because of the boring advertisement. What about a not so handsome man with a beer belly? She would probably put the magazine down all together and just walk away. This advertisement works because, put in a simpler way, it is pretty. It has everything that catches a woman’s eye. The use of color, the man, and the food are all thing women like. Pathos is one the biggest appeals because the ad is capturing a woman’s emotions.

This ad is making her think and feel like she can have this man if she would just buy this salad dressing. In contrast, logos is the least one used because this ad had absolutely nothing to do with salad dressing, but if KRAFT would have made the ad to make sense it probably wouldn’t have gotten any attention at all. Overall, this ad demonstrates the qualities in order to successfully sell a product. It uses these unique techniques to capture the audiences’ attention. The use of color and contrast, the use of imagery all play a part in selling this salad dressing. KRAFT is one of the biggest food companies and the world, can you tell?

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