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World War 1, dubbed as the war to end all wars, was a worldwide conflict which mostly involved European countries. This battle between the Entente powers and the Central powers lasted from 1914 to 1918 and resulted to casualties of up to 40million. The Entente powers, which was composed of numerous countries, was led by France, Russia, the British Empire and The United States of America, while the Central powers was led by the Austro-Hungarian empire, German and Ottoman empires.

World War 2, the largest conflict in human history, was the result of two separate wars, the first which began in Asia and the second initiated by Germany’s invasion of Poland. Most of the world’s nations were then divided into 2 factions once again, the Allied and the Axis powers. Covering a large area of the globe, World War 2 resulted to the largest casualty count in our history, with an estimate of 70 million dead. Body: World war1 and 2 are perhaps the most influential events that occurred in human history. Up to this day we can find large traces that these conflicts inflicted, not only in Europe but also throughout the globe.


If asked which had the greater impact on European history, I would say that World war 1had the greater impact. Even though the Second world war occurred at a much later period thus its effects may still be felt up to this day, I can say that the First world war was of greater impact because the many events that led to this war carried on and escalated to become the 2nd world war. Many point to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir of the Austro-Hungarian empire, as the root of the 1st war, but a more logical cause is the escalation of numerous events dating back to the 1800’s.

Such events may include the treaties and diplomatic relations between the European powers. When the 1st world war ended, most of Europe was still in shock, most of all Germany. Most of the once great German army was dismantled and many soldiers accepted their post war civilian lives. But in spite of the bad circumstances and low economy, Adolf Hitler slowly came to power. A plain Austrian who volunteered to the German army at the start of World war 1, Hitler rose to power and became the dictator of Germany. Hitler’s beliefs and ideas led his fellow Germans into arms with dreams of raising Germany to become a global power once again.

I no longer have to explain how these events escalated to become the 2nd world war. Once again, the effects of World war 2 was so great that it still affects today’s economy. Many nations were left in ruins, great nations crumbling down to their feet, a body count so great that no other event in history comes close. Yes, world war 2 reshaped the face of the globe but this may all have been avoided if not for world war 1. The German powers may have been easily put down if not only the rest of the world was still left in shock of the First World War.

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