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Singapore’s location in Asia is very important economically, politically and educationally. It is therefore very important to look into the situation of the education system in Singapore. Particularly, the role of human resources in the leadership and management of higher institutions of education is worth pursuing. The increasing multicultural situation of schools in Singapore makes this need more pronounced because other countries in Asia are choosing Singapore as the destination for learning.

This study proposal will focus on the emerging multicultural situation in Singapore and how this affects the leadership and management of institutions of higher learning in Singapore. The study will look at the curriculum, the inter-cultural communications and the readiness of the human resource staff to deal with multiculturalism will be dealt with. The challenges faced by the human resources in such settings will be noted and recommendations will be made after the conduct of the study.

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The study will also compare the management of human resources in Singapore educational institutions with that of neighboring countries in Asia and also with those in Western countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia. This will give a better perspective of the situation of human resource management in Singapore and how it is similar or different from other educational institutions in the region and in the world. This will yield important insights concerning the effective management of education in the country.


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