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In IIS 6. 0, there is no longer any perception of in-process applications. All necessary HTTP application run-time services, such as ISAPI extension support, are equally available in any application pool. With IIS 6. 0 it is now potential to unload in-process components without having to take down the entire Web service. The host worker process can be taken down momentarily without upsetting other worker processes serving content. There is also an advantage from being able to influence other operating system services accessible at the process level as CPU throttling (for e. g. ) per application pool.

Furthermore, Windows Server 2003 has been re-architected to support many more concurrent processes than ever before. 16 Worker process isolation mode prevents one application or site from impeding another. In addition, separating applications or sites into separate application pools make simple a number of management tasks such as taking a site/application online or offline free of all other site/applications running on the system, altering a component the application uses, debugging an application, monitoring counters for an application, and throttling resources used by an application.

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The IIS 6. 0 request processing architecture conveys very high levels of reliability without sacrificing any performance. IIS 6. 0 worker has very high reliability where process isolation mode avoids Web sites and applications from affecting each other or the server as a whole. It has fewer server restarts where the user will likely never require restarting the server or shutting down the entire WWW service, due to a failed application or general administration operations, such as upgrading content or components, or debugging Web applications.

It has increased application availability where the IIS 6. 0 supports auto restart of failed applications and intermittent restart of leaky/malfunctioning applications, or applications with faulty code. 16 IIS 6. 0 has increased scalability and extension to ISP circumstances is being supported. IIS 6. 0 supports strong application platform where the application serves as the unit of administration. This comprises of making the application the unit of robustness by enabling application isolation, and also enabling resource throttling and scaling based on the application.

All user code is controlled by worker processes, which are absolutely isolated from the core Web server. This improves upon IIS 5. 0 as an ISAPI can be hosted in-process to the core Web server. But when an ISAPI loaded in a worker process fails or causes an access violation, the only thing taken down is the worker process that hosts the ISAPI. Meanwhile, the WWW service creates a new worker process to replace the failed worker process and the other worker processes are left unaffected.

Multiple Application Pools with IIS 5. 0 applications can be pooled collectively out-of-process, but pooled only in one application pool which is hosted by DLLHost. exe. When IIS 6. 0 operates in worker process isolation mode, administrators can create up to 2,000 application pools, where each application pool can be configured separately. 16 Hosting in http://discountasp. net/. This research project had the software hosting available from this website and used it successfully.

This web hosting service is one among the many type of Internet hosting service that permits make our own website accessible via the WWW. In a typical data centre, the web hosts generally provides a server for client-use as well as Internet connectivity. Called co-location, these are data centres not owned by the same host but located in the same server. UK domain name from http://www. ukreg. com/. The website domain for the research was created with the UK domain name from this link http://www. ukreg. com/.

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