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  • A team player
  • Communication skills and persuasivenesss
  • Willingness to take ownership and responsibility of customers accounts
  • Results oriented
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Creative
  • Initiative and goal directedness

Interviewee response to interview questions

 Research on interviewee response to interview questions is limited. According to most human resources consultancy websites, there are a number of preferred responses which though not prescribed as standard reflect the correct and positive projection which the interviewer expects from the possible employee. These responses are like an advert describing a product. The more appealing and convincing is the advert the more customers go for it. The same applies with interviews. A positive response and confident façade means a qualified and reliable person. The following are a set of responses to questions posed by interviewers which are what the interviewer aims at having from the candidates.

Qualities and skills employee TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

 Achieved, administered, obtained, provided,, collaborated, created, expanded, launched, operated, reported, demonstrated, oversaw, improved, generated, coordinated, negotiated organized, researched, resolved etc.

  These words demonstrate the level of skill, abilities, proficiency, personal development and achievements as well confidence and determination in growing and consistently aiming at productivity throughout a person’s career life.


According to UNDESA/DPADM (2005), recruitment selection and retention of sharp employees stand as top priority for managers and employers (1). As such, recruitment of employees should conform to set objectives which will help in the implementation and sustenance of service delivery in an organization.


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