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The most unreasonable quotation about wisdom that can be found is that of Thoreau where he says that “All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man. ” (Brainy Quote, 2007 )This saying seems unreasonable because it is not understood clearly whether the writer was mentioning the bad points about the man or about the word wisdom. The problem that is faced with this quotation is that Thoreau is not very clear with the message that he is trying to pass on to the readers and this is why it is considered as a unreasonable quotation.

Of course, there is a good view to the quotation as well where there could be a few readers who would appreciate the saying but there are still a number of people who would be confused about the whole idea. The reason why this quotation was marked as unreasonable as compared to Socrates was because Socrates used very simple words when explaining the idea that he had in mind and Socrates was very clear on what he wanted to say. There were no difficult words to understand for the reader and that even a layman need not think twice about the meaning that Socrates is trying to communicate to the reader.

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There are a number of quotations that have been written by various writers and authors and each one of them had a different perspective. This is why there is a difficulty in determining the best quotation. There are a number of meanings encompassed in one quotation and hence some may understand one quotation and another may understand the other.


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