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There is a unique interrelationship between myth and culture. Often, culture creates myth and myth creates culture. While this may seem like a completely paradoxical concept, the reality is that myth and culture go hand in hand far more than people would originally perceive. Consider the following classical example: in Ancient Greece, there was much emphasis in the culture on learning the legends and tales of Gods, heroes and mythic creatures. Often, Greek myths revolved around morality tales and lessons.

Sometimes, on a deeper level, the myths of Ancient Greece would seek to present a deep lesson on the notion of logical and critical thinking as well. The foundations of logic and morality that are present in the myths of Ancient Greece would later form the epicenter of Greek culture. Now, in order to do this, there needs to be a propagation of these legends into the mind of the public. This was devised in the form of music, theater, sculpture, oral traditions, etc.

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In short, artistic expression of the interrelationship between culture and myth took various entertainment medium forms. That is to say, without a conduit of information delivery, myth will not have the ability to influence the culture to the degree that must be required for the culture to become a successful culture and a unique one. Hence, culture and myth are reliant on artistic expression for their very existence and survival. Now, does this mean that without artistic expression a culture can not flourish?

This is a difficult question to answer as there have been very few cultures that has emerged without a tradition in myth and art. So, perhaps, the answer is not difficult to arrive at: without artistic expressions, myths and cultures can not truly survive or continue to exist. B


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