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The most reasonable quote about wisdom that has been written is that of “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. ” (Pearls of Wisdom, 2007 ) The quotation was written by Socrates and it provides a clear example of the meaning of the word wisdom. It is though by many people that wisdom is a term that is used when an individual is aware of all the happenings of the world and is clear about the problems that he / she is about to face before it really happens. However, this is not always the case and everyone should be aware of it.

Wisdom is not about knowing everything but rather it is the acceptance that the individual knows nothing. This is a very hard point to accept by any individual and this is due to the fact that the individual gets too egotistic and self conceited that he / she knows everything. This is a major fault in the life of that person. If the person does not believe that he / she knows everything, then there is a greater chance that the individual would not be willing to learn further.


This is the aspect and the attitude that can be lethal to the career or the life of the individual. An individual would then never be capable of moving ahead in life by simply learning the different things that he / she has missed out in life. Socrates is right when he says that wisdom is when you believe that you do not know anything because then this enables the individual to be encouraged to study further and learn about all the different things that he / she may know little of or may not know about at all.

Socrates saying also has a different aspect to it where it can be taken as the point when the individual may act out that he / she does not know everything and anything and then this in turn allows the competitors to be deceived by such an act. The competitors or the enemies will treat the individual as an amateur even though the individual may have a lot of knowledge about the happenings in the world or about that current field.

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