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Introduction Nowadays all organizations are extremely competitive in terms of safety-sensitive issues, acquiring most recent and updated technology and above all people or employees working for this service industry have become the arena of core competence of an organization. The implication of an effective and efficient recruitment plan is vast and pervasive, because it deals with structure, core strategies, internal and external culture and other numerous operational activities of the organization.

A compound human resource management (HRM) practice is what an international organization needs, which contains required data and extensive employment of its informational resources to carryout smooth and effective requirement process significantly. Now Human Resource managers, in particular, are required to lead their department not only for their conventional task of hiring, termination promotion etc but more importantly they are now become a strong pillar in strategic development and attaining strategic goals for their organizations.


(Strategic Alliances, 1996) Below observations will prominently describe current issues and challenges for HR managers in an organization followed strategies, plan and recommendations to achieve their task efficiently. Emerging Challenges for HR Managers Future of commercial and/or corporate sector is not going to be the same as it is today, because world is shrinking and already named “global village”.

Future needs of resources management will change by greater magnitude, therefore, just like other resources human resources will play a vital role in development of organizations. HR managers then will play key role for organizational development and face considerable challenges to carryout effective recruitment process. “The success of cross-border alliances, mergers, and acquisitions largely depends on inter-partner cooperation during subsequent operations and management. ” (Jackson & Luo, 2003, p. 143)

Following are few challenges, which HR mangers will face in future, followed by recommendations how these issues going to be dealt. H. R. Planning Adequate planning for human resources management, which covers all aspects, is essential for smooth operation. Without proper planning managers can to meet constantly changing demands and overcome this challenge. A long term planning for acquiring efficient human resource should be adopted, which is closely linked with achievement of organizational goals and development of all employees. Timely Employment

Another challenge is hiring efficient employees when there is any need for, it is a fact that employees do switch to other organizations because of better remuneration or offered facilities. Warner writers; Thus, HR mangers must have complete market knowledge, in terms of offering salaries and benefits to staff (2001). If they know exactly, what their employee want and where management is lacking, they can easily avoid staff switching to other organization and maintained a highly professional work force bridge gaps between supply and demand of work force.

Training & Development One of the biggest challenges that HR managers are facing now a days is the development and enhancement of employee’s skills to meet market demand. Training and Development programs make staff more efficient and skill full. (Dick Grote, 2000) suggests that HR managers must know what kind of Training and Development is required to make staff more effective for organization by utilizing their enhanced level of skills.

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