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The article I have chosen to discuss is: “Roma Activists Denounce ‘Racist’ Beauty Pageant”. I have chosen this article in view of world cultures because I believe that gender and women rights are essential to shaping the world culture. The creation of world culture is anchored in protecting human rights and welfare of the greater humanity; thus, promotion of women rights and protection against racism are vital to shaping a culture that will affect not only citizens of one nation but majority of the world as well.

This article exemplifies the fight of Roma activists to promote gender rights and eradicate racism. This one is important in world culture because it extends not only the Roma fight, but as well as the fight against racism globally. This serves as a starting to point to start reshaping the cultural worldviews when it comes to sex, race and beauty. Thus I feel it necessary that this kind of topic is being addresses to globally. The three key points that the article wants to address are as follows: racism, gender and the concept of beauty.

World Culture: Advocacy Project of Rome TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

One, this advocacy project claims that the pageant being pushed in Rome only instills a racist image of beauty, rendering the women of Rome as inferior when being compared to other race when it comes to the notion of beauty. Thus hindering them to become more capable to combat poverty and struggle within their bounds. Second, the notion of pageant for the Rome culture is being viewed as a means of upholding the patriarchal conception of women, being in service of men at all times; and women as subjects of property for men.

This patriarchal and feudal character being imposed in such culture is seen as an agent for gender inequality and often results to women oppression. And third, the image of beauty in picture is the Western standard – tall, thin and white. In effect, it imposes an idea of cultural dominance, Roma women being less attractive and therefore inferior. Thus rendering cultural inferiority amongst the people. (Advocacy Project) Regarding the article, I would like to comment on the Advocacy’s attempt to counter the current world trends when it comes to the popularity of pageants and other events that uses women as a form of entertainment.

At one point, the Roma culture is still new to the trend hence giving them the reluctance in joining in such. The openness to such practices and world trends has rendered their culture inferiority particularly with the Western counterparts. Thus, it is not impossible for Roma women and other advocate groups to become reluctant in participating to those practices. But on the other hand, it is still reasonable to create possible ways to patch cultural diversity amongst nations. The challenge lies in making life more equitable to every nation despite the cultural differences, and start making progress in terms of harnessing cultural relativism.

These in turn, may result in lowering the incidences of cultural biasness and racism. It doesn’t necessarily mean pushing the Roma community into embracing the mainstream worldview, wherein they will have to abide to join such activities, but it is with great importance that they also learn to appreciate other cultures, and try to look at the other side of things in order to gain a more balanced view of the emerging trends and culture globally. Roma Activists Denounce ‘Racist’ Beauty Pageant, the Advocacy Project. Retrieved October 18, 2007 from http://us. oneworld. net/article/view/151717/1/

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